Personal Accident Insurance scheme for the Forest Watchers of BNP under PM SBY Scheme


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Last week 125 Forest watchers from 4 ranges of Bannerghatta National park were enrolled into PM’s Suraksha Bhima Yojana personal accident insurance scheme. Volunteers from Conserve & Preserve BNP along with officials of Vijaya bank covered all four ranges and … Continue reading

Ultra Sighting!

A pair of “Ultra-Marine Fly catcher” were spotted in the Mission campus(Brahmananda Vana) yesterday.
Could not photograph it?? Any observation records till now??? I see in 2004 it was photographed in Nandi Hills. They were spotted by Ashwath and Subbu Badal

It is in the “Least Concerned” status as the IUCN says and its amazing to see that it is a very rare migratory bird flying all the way to give a glimpse and vanish, as if they were some bird God!!