Medical camp for the watchers and scholarship program for their wards

Under  the initiative Conserve and Preserve Bannerghatta, On 11th June 2016, a medical camp was conducted at the clinic in RK Mission premises in Shivanahalli. Around 40 members including staff and their family were screened. Their details are recorded. 5 cases were identified as diabetic. we will do followup consultations for them.We also did survey with few of the staff from Anekal range. Only one concern which came out was that they have not received salaries for last 3 months.
Request you to look into the same matter.
Also the children of watchers were awarded with books and stationary. 8 students were awarded with scholarship amount worth INR 1,10,000/-. Still 15 more applications are pending for want of documents and mark sheets.
Thanks for cooperating and looking forward for partnering in future drives.
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