Personal Accident Insurance scheme for the Forest Watchers of BNP under PM SBY Scheme

Last week 125 Forest watchers from 4 ranges of Bannerghatta National park were enrolled into PM’s Suraksha Bhima Yojana personal accident insurance scheme. Volunteers from Conserve & Preserve BNP along with officials of Vijaya bank covered all four ranges and did the registration. The program happened only because of the whole hearted support of DCF, Bannerghatta, Dr Sunil Panwar IFS and his team of Range officers. Our special thanks to United India Insurance and Vijaya bank for extending the coverage. The scheme covers 2 Lakhs personal insurance coverage.

The aim of Conserve-And-Preserve initiative is to ensure the security and safety for Forest Watchers’ family through this scheme. Conserve-And-Preserve aims at boosting the morale of foot soldiers of the forests who are essentially the backbone of conservation unit in field.

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