Indian Snakes iOS App

Indian Snakes is a field guide and educative material for learning about the Snakes of India. This application is developed by Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli and is powered by the data from India’s most authentic snake website:

Indian Snakes is a community based effort where experts contribute scientific data in the website while snake enthusiasts and learners can get the updated data right into their iOS devices.


Core features of the application:

  1. Serves as a field guide to learn about snakes of India
  2. Beautifully designed list and grid views which can be grouped by alphabetical order or by families.
  3. Location filters – User can filter out and check all snakes present in the current location using GPS or user can drop a pin to find out snakes in that location!
  4. Filters:
    • Filter by toxicity and snake family
    • Filter by data fields available
    • Filter by Regions in India – Textual distribution
    • Filter by snake category
    • Filter by data fields
    • Filter by Regions in India – Textual distribution
    • Filter by snake category
  5. A detail view in which vital information of snakes like: Common name, Regional names, Scientific name, distribution of snake, pictures, Look-Alike snakes, Identification characteristics, habitat information, diet of snake, bite symptoms, detailed scalation information etc.
  6. Favorite snakes!
  7. OFFLINE MODE – You can get your application ready for a trip with no internet and yet use the app completely in offline mode!
  8. Community Power – The data is provided and maintained by a strong snake community who are sound with knowledge on herps. The data undergoes strong peer review process. The community framework guarantees users of not just quantity data but also quality data.

This is not the end, this is just the beginning!

Android app coming soon!

Download the app from:

4 thoughts on “Indian Snakes iOS App

  1. This iOS app has some technical issues. I’ve been using this iOS app since a year. I’ve been frequently trying to get it converted offline, it starts converting and immediately hangs the app. Lot of time I’ve uninstall & install the app but the problem isn’t solving. First I thought that my iPhone has some issues but when I took it to the service centre, I’ve come to know that my iPhone is okay.
    Apart from this app, my every app is running good.
    I guess you guys should take a look over this iOS app.
    Thank you!

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