Cisco has been consistent in planting This year till now they have sponsored for around 300 saplings. Every now and then a small batch of 10 dedicated volunteers drop in and plant around 50 saplings…

Alliance University in the same sense motivate their Management and Engineering students and help them inculcate social responsibility by touching them with NGO’s. Thanks to their effort and to continued effort of Ms.Leela Karkaria

  • Cisco-1 Cisco-1
  • Cisco-2 Cisco-2
  • Cisco-3 Cisco-3
  • Cisco-4 Cisco-4
  • Cisco-5 Cisco-5
  • Cisco-6 Cisco-6
  • Alliance-1 Alliance-1
  • Alliance-2 Alliance-2
  • Alliance-3 Alliance-3
  • Alliance-4 Alliance-4
  • Alliance-5 Alliance-5
  • Alliance-6 Alliance-6
  • Alliance-7 Alliance-7

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