Report on Dec 22 Ecoevent

As usual people started gathering by 9.00. Dr.A.N.Yellappa Reddy amidst his busy work came and straight away took to talk with white gulganji seeds which he had collected. About 35 participants including students from Balaji College did participate in this event. Yellappa Reddy introduced from his vast experience the plant species and its medicinal uses. After his return by 11.00 students and members took to the task of watering the plants. It was a sweaty tired afternoon by the time all had lunch by 1.30.

Afternoon session was handled by Ulhas Anand, [Ulhas Anand first of all is an avid birder and a senior strategist and technology domain expert having more than 16 years of experience across various domains in the technology industry, of which around 8 years have been as a Senior Executive working on Strategic Consulting for Customers, Product Strategy and Management, and Technology Thought Leadership.] He is the moderator of BNGBIRDS, one of the Bangalore’s first birding groups and his group has worked on Lakes of bangalore, bulding birding checklists etc. He runs an ornithology credit course at Mt.Carmel college Bangalore

The session went on with details of Biodiversity its meaning and statistics mostly highlighting on Indian Biodiversity. GJ.Lingaraj from TIFR took extended the discussion giving it a practical touch by taking each topic and listing points where an individual can contribute in his or her own small way sitting at home. Students were made aware by narrating the hardcore facts about McDonalds and KFC. At the tender age its easy to slip into the marketing strategy dug by the companies and to be aware. In a nutshell since every action of ours has an equal and opposite reaction we should be conscious in whatever we do whether we throw a cover, paper, clothing, open a tap, throw little food etc…

Points listed down for individual action….
Reduce usage of flushing western toilets..
consciously use of everything..
Reduce wastage of food… think before we leave food…
Differentiate between luxury and necessity….
Reduce usage of Deodorants and other aerosols which containing CFC
Use mud pots instead of plastic pots…
Usage of Cotton Bags instead of Plastic……

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