May 12th Eco Event – Report

Eco-walk event (An event every month to sensitize Bangalore Citizens from all walks of life, towards environment, nature, wildlife and other aspects of ecosystem) was held on may 12th at R.K.Mission, Shivanahalli campus, Bangalore. This months event had several interesting sessions. As per every months different important theme, this month was- tribals and conservation. Participants gathered by 9 am, soon after breakfast. The event began with presentation of an interesting software ‘pakshi ‘developed by Prof. Jamadagni and his team from Centre for Electronic Design Technology, IISc, Bangalore. This application works on android platform, used for tabulating and generating data on birds, which also collects information on tower signal value, location details, etc. This helps to know bird distribution and other aspects. Soon after that, participants set to ‘Eco-walk’, getting information about, plants, birds, insects, mammals, environment and ecosys…tem sighting several interesting birds like Changeable Hawk Eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle, White-eye Buzzard, Paradise Flycatcher, Rufous Woodpecker Iora, etc. The walk culminated at project kaanana site with planning for next month. Post lunch session, Suresh Heblikar (Chairman, Ecowatch and also Film maker) spoke on his experience with tribals, their knowledge on environment, biodiversity, ecosystem, sharing of resources, conservation efforts with tradition, etc. It was indeed an inspiring talk. Later, Harish Bhat spoke on tribals and conservation, emphasising on their knowledge, management, living styles, change in recent years, reason for it and so on. Sanjeeva Pedanekar (Working on reptiles) spoke on tribal knowledge of biodiversity, Irula tribes knowledge of snakes, conservation and recent trend of conservation, poaching due to market demands, blind beliefs leading to the same, urged participants to come forward to help in conservation of wildlife. The event concluded with vote of thanks and tea. Thanks to all those who could make it in spite of their busy schedules and commitments. The next event would be held on 16th June, 2013, with theme as ‘youths and conservation’ where interesting personalities who are working towards conservation and are role models for youths.

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