It was a month back when the lecturers from the Swami Vivekananda Rural First grade college, Chandapura, a private institutionĀ  approached the Mission for doing the NSS Activities. The answer was a straight deny. The reason being that knowing all the pollution happening from the media and internet why invite risk?. But the staff promised to maintain discipline and lo the day came when there was a small inauguration from the high authorities fromĀ  both the institutions guided the students who were all from B.Com.

The Students’ schedule started right from morning 5.30 till 9.30. All the food and accommodation was provided by the Mission. Their schedule was made tight so that they don’t avert to other things. Many of the environmental activities like De-weeding, pitting, manuring and watering to all the saplings planted under Project Kaanana was maintained well. The boys indeed were very happy to participate in an effort where they are imbibing social responsibility and they were made aware about what is the work they are doing.

Thanks to many resource persons like Yellappa Reddy and others where each and every aspect like environment, Hinduism, Personality Building, Social responsibility etc. were linked to Patriotism. Post breakfast was full field work in hot sun and post lunch sessions were motivation sessions. Evening regular prayer was followed by again sessions like environment, video shows and astronomy session. Overall it turned out positive for both boys and management.

Boys were reluctant to return back!

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One thought on “NSS-SVRFG

  1. Thank you for giving permission to condct NSS Camp. It is nice to see students are doing such wonder full job.

    Thanks to Ramakrishna Ashrama and Management and college of swamy vivekananda rural first grade college for preparing wonderful students.

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