“Nature Guide” – A Collaborative website + webserver to catalogue species

Hi Friends,

Conservation has been one of the main motto of Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli.

Taking a step forward, Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli now has come up with a Website + Web server which is specifically designed for entering data about snakes (pilot project). Unlike Wikipedia or some other encyclopedia, the data here is structured in a way that it would be easy for user to search for a particular species in various ways. One of the powerful features of this web application and server is that several users can enter scientific data into it and the data can be reviewed and refined over a period of time.

It is not mandatory to enter all fields. To begin with, users can enter the data of a species they have spotted, or if they have the knowledge about a species, which will eventually be refined and more data will be added into the same node by different people. This is going to be a collaborative knowledge bank for the people and by the people!

To start with the target is on “Snakes of India” to experiment as to how this works.

The team is also working on **ABSOLUTELY FREE** iOS and Android applications which will be powered by the same server. The native applications will be powerful and intelligent enough to cache all the data and work in full offline mode when there is no internet. So, we could have a field guide in our pockets ready when we go into the forests next time! Or, for research purpose hence serious / amateur herpetologists are most welcome to add their scientific data for the benefit of everyone.

More and more features are in the package like revision control, distribution maps, predicates on KML for species distribution, full featured offline support, composition of different search predicates, a separate section for conservation issues and awareness about wildlife etc. all of which cant be explained in detail in this small post. So, to be part of this exciting project, you can contribute if you are a naturalist, a scientist in this field, a wildlife enthusiast etc. etc.

All credits to the contributors and Authors will rightly be given at the end of each article.

A sample of the Vine Snake to understand and get a visual experience can be found in the following link:

You can be a part of it by creating your accounts here: http://www.rkmission-shivanahalli.org/nature-guide/?q=user%2Fregister

A snapshot of Snake Detail Page.

The home page “Nature Guide” is at: www.rkmission-shivanahalli.org/nature-guide

A hearty thanks to one and all. Hoping to see positive responses and to see people take up this new interesting & exciting opportunity.

Also request you to share this message among your contacts and spread the word around to get more people into “Nature Guide” community.


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