Biomass monitoring – KK High School, Varthur

About 14 Students of class 7th to 10th from K.K. School, Varthur, Bangalore have carried out a Biomass measurement activity in 2.5 acres of man made forest which is in resemblance with the Western Ghats habitat in RKMission Shivanahalli under the guidance of scientists and research scholars from and under Dr.TV.Ramachandra, CES, IISc. This is the first of the monitoring session which will be carried out over a span of many upcoming years. 

The two projects are 1. Biomass monitoring and 2. Water quality Analysis

They will continue to study biomass in every 6 months span and also water sampling in one of the lakes in RKMission, Shivanahalli will be compared with the polluted varthur tank water. Children were keen to also carry out a bird watching session.

Overall the kids enjoyed the outing in a research manner under the guidance of IISc and motherly care of their teacher Ms.Alli Rani

More details about the events and report to follow soon….

2 thoughts on “Biomass monitoring – KK High School, Varthur

  1. Its a need of the hour in a concrete jungle like Bangalore and also the young buddies must understood and learn the importance of nature. This kind of Bio-experiments must happens all over our country. Applauds to the initiative of RK mission and backed by IISC. Sooner, i would like to give my contribution and to play a role to expand this operations to other needed areas. I am eager to start implement in my home town Koodan kulam in Tamilnadu, where water level lowers below 400 feets. Good Job RKM

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