TIPS for low cost maintanenace

As already mentioned to you below are the tips given by Swamiji from his vast experience and thinking for planting trees in our regions. Also whatever you do, document it, so that it can serve as good learning process and the experience can be shared. Shivakumar has already planted & they are also documenting it. Feel free to ping him whenever you need.
@All – Also please add anything else you might feel is necessary.
The purpose Swamiji mentioned these is TIPS (To Insure Prompt Service) for a “useful” greenery and a healthy eco-system for all living beings.

“List of trees for areas like Gulbarga and Gadag and any arid region(shivanahalli was like this before)

1. Fycas variety (any) – 6 different varieties(ಆಲ, ಗೋಣಿ, ಬಸರಿ)
2. Melia Bubia – turuk bevu, kaadu bevu, ತುರ್ಕ್ ಬೇವು
3. Neem – Bevu, ಬೇವು
4. Singapore Cherry
5. Nerle- Jamun Tree, ನೇರಳೆ
6. Kekke – Cassia pistula, ಕೆಕ್ಕೆ
7. Jalarishorea, ಜಾಲಾರಿ

Free / paid for good 1-2 feet saplings

1.5 feet deep and square
3 feet distance between trees

Tree guard – Chiken mesh – 7 feet – costly to purchase but see some intuitive techniques to build own like using a binding wire around planted nilgiri poles

Bamboo protection – Saplings should be tall, atleast 6 feet of bamboo

Watering some 10 days once – in summer and winter.  Jan – June

Watering in these seasons have to be continued for at least a period of 3years.

And provide jeevamrutha(fermenting all pulses and grain and mixing it with the ratio of 1:4 with water)

All the above have been successfully implemented.

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