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Hey friends, most of the MNC’s has a department as per the rules of Indian government which looks out for activities such as community outreach. It would be of great help if software engineers like us approach such departments in respective companies to check if they still stand by their word! It is with the encouragement & support of different organizations and people that such a change in bigger scale is really possible. So please do cross check if you have any such references and contacts, invite them and you too visit to RKMission Shivanahalli.

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  1. Hi,
    This is Debojyoti, I had been a volunteer in shivanahalli. I am glad to see this blog. What I wanted to update is that as rightly mentioned all the MNC have a CSR team. I have spoken with Bank of Newyork Mellon (Pune) CSR team about our Ashram activities. I was told that they do support such activities but the organisation need to register. Now frankly speaking I dont know whether they put some criteria or their own intervention once the support any organisation. I was told that they will send employees to those oganisation to do free services, which sounds good. But as the bank is located in pune they are prefering local organisations.
    When I was in Bangalore I used to work in Northern Trust Bank. They too have such activities.. if you want I can forward you the contact person or some of my friends. I believe if we can start contacting the MNC from ourselves some response we will surely get. Also I can pass down the email id of people who are some way related to RKM so might we get a response.
    Thanks and regards,

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