The Vocational training section of RKMission Shivanahalli has a tailoring section. As many as 500 have been trained till now and most of them are hired by the nearby garment industries. The course is about 6-8 months and has 10 power machines and 15 motor machines. The end of the course comprises of  examination where in the trainees stitch uniforms for all the vidya kendra kids which are then distributed free.

Inspiration forwarded

Inspired by Project Kaanana our friend Shivakumar Shreeshail has taken up similar activity back in is hometown Gadag. A bunch of friends have actively taken up responsibility to plant saplings and take care of them for a minimum of 3 years to mark the occasion of their friend’s wedding. Apparently the local forest department / a community has been delegated of the care taking task who have assured of nurturing the saplings. Shivakumar had also visited Shivanahalli for suggestions and guidance from Swamiji who has vast experience in the field of Botany and Reforestation.

Kaanana Ezine

A monthly magazine titled “kaanana” is being compiled by WCG (Wildlife Conservation Group) which is powered by Ramakrishna Mission.
Read the magazine online and go through archives: http://issuu.com/kaanana
To download register at http://issuu.com or
to subscribe, write to: kaanana.mag@gmail.com

And yes, you can pen your thoughts, articles and poetries in it too, write again to the same email ID with your stuff.

Any suggestions & feedbacks are most welcome.

http://issuu.com/kaanana (for now)

Humble use of your earnings

It is yet another opportunity for us to sponsor a tree, or any number of trees. The tree will be named after you when it stands tall. You are always invited to inspect how your sapling / plant is doing :)

 The procedure for donating towards “Project Kaanana” is given below:

1. Name of the donor (as needed to be entered in receipt).

2. Number of trees interested to sponsor.

3. The name which donar wants to keep for each tree being sponsored.

4. Online transfer receipt (if any).

5. Choice of option for planting the sapling:

a. If the donar wants to plant a sapling with their own hands, inform Ramakrishna Mission Shivanahalli of arrival date when he/she wants to plant the sapling.

b. Inform RKMission Shivanahalli otherwise if donar only want to contribute and let RKMission Shivanahalli only do the planting on the donar’s behalf.

6. Postal address of the donor so that receipts can be sent out to the address.

 People can always come over to Ramakrishna Mission Shivanahalli to spend nice time and get to know the work being done here.

 Receipts will be handed over to the donor duly which can be produced for tax exemption under 80G section.

We all know how important planting & growing trees is, let’s join hands in making the planet greener and reducing the carbon footprint.

MNC’s Community

Hey friends, most of the MNC’s has a department as per the rules of Indian government which looks out for activities such as community outreach. It would be of great help if software engineers like us approach such departments in respective companies to check if they still stand by their word! It is with the encouragement & support of different organizations and people that such a change in bigger scale is really possible. So please do cross check if you have any such references and contacts, invite them and you too visit to RKMission Shivanahalli.