Project Kaanana

Ramakrishna Mission Shivanahalli has planned for “Sponsor a tree” scheme. The attached picture is one such place where afforestation is possible. Swamiji, out of his vast experience in the field of botany has selected different kind of saplings from Western Ghats so that a useful and diverse greenery is grown.

The estimate cost a single sapling to see it grow to a tree would be Rs. 400/- only, which incurs the following expenses:
1. Watering the plant for a period of 3 years from January to May and atleast 3 times in a month.
2. Labour charges.
3. De-weeding and Manure.

It is yet another opportunity for us to sponsor a tree, or any number of trees. The tree will be named after you when it stands tall. You are always invited to inspect how your sapling / plant is doing :)

We all know how important planting trees is, let’s join hands in making the planet greener and reducing the carbon footprint.

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