Hi friends, its time now that we brace a organization with our shoulders to keep up the good work going on. RKMission Shivanahalli has been serving in many fields since years and this would be our bit of chance to extend help towards the people who are already working in this cause.

Help could be of any sort: Financial help with regular funds of whatever amount you feel for every month, voluntarily coming over and serving at the programmes already taken up by RKMission Shivanahalli, ideas, suggestions, education etc. For many of you software engineers, there is also opportunity to write down amazing softwares for the ideas which are lined up. Anything anything, just speak out!

For now, since most of us salaried guys should have got our salaries and since this is the beginning of new financial year, it would be best for us to start donating some money towards the organization in monthly fashion. Please schedule your NEFT transfers for automatic transaction for whatever amount you feel is good every month. You would be getting receipts which can be produced for tax exemption under 80G section. The account details have already been mailed to everyone, if not let us know here we would send out another mail to you. Also, please do mention your name in the transaction so that receipts could be handed out to you. Would love to hear from you all.

Any doubts, please comment here or you could mail RKMission Shivanahalli at:



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